Technical Support

Before getting in touch with us, please try the following steps:

1. Make sure you have followed through the instructions that comes with your product. It may be that you have overlooked something.

2. Go to the websites of the product manufacturers below and download the latest patches and updates for your product. You can also find the product manual on the websites of the manufacturer for your product. Doing this alone can resolve lots of issues.

3. You should also visit the product manufacturer’s product FAQ section where most questions and answers are posted. Read through all the information and see if you can find a solution to any issue.

4. If there is a telephone number listed on the website, you can simply call them directly. You can also contact the manufacturers through their Live Chat if they have one. If that is not available, then use the email address on the website.

5. If you still can’t find any solution to the issue, then you can contact us and we will do our best to help you. Email is the best way to contact us and we will respond to links and suggestions that can easily help you.


You can find all information on the official website. There are How to guides, Warranty and Return Policy, FAQ, and a direct link to contact them.

Location: USA

Excalibur Dehydrator

You can get in touch with the manufacturer on the official website . You can read their Dehydrator tips, warranty information, return policy, and FAQs. Their contact information is also located here. You may need to create account for a complete access to their support.

Location: Sacramento, CA

Tribest Sedona

I like this website as they have a blog where you can find some useful information on their dehydrators as well as dehydrators in general. Contacting them is easy. Moreover, they’ve got lots of products aside from dehydrators that you may be interested in.

Location: California, USA

Waring Pro

You can find support for their products as well as parts and accessories to enhance your product’s functions. You can contact them as well as request for instruction booklets that will help you use your product effectively.

Location: USA

LEM Product

You can contact them or visit their FAQs section to see what they have.

Open Country

Here you contact them directly or open an account on their website.

TSM Products

You can find all information on their website.

Location: USA

Dehydrate Your Food

If you have tried all the above and still can’t resolve the issue, then contact us.